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16 February 2007

Web Service Software Factory – Oracle

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The web service software factory (December 2006 release) actually is made up of 3 guidance packages:

  • Web Service Software Factory (ASMX)
  • Web Service Software Factory (WCF)
  • Web Service Software Factory (Data Access)

Each of these guidance packages is independent from each other, and the out-of-the-box data access guidance package works with SQL Server.

I have collaborated with yogz on the development of an Oracle compatible data access guidance package.  Far from being complete, the package does provide the following functionality:

  • Ability to generate data repository classes from business entities, with selection factories compatible with Oracle.
  • Ability to handle code constructs for retrieving a single object (Get One operation), a single object with sub-objects (Get One Complex), and a generic list of objects that optionally may have sub-objects (Get Many).  Unfortunately, some manual work is still required because the guidance package UI does not show sub-objects and Oracle ref cursors are not executed for retrieval of schema information.
  • Many refinements were made on the processing of IN/OUT parameters in the “Get” operations.  These refinements were not ported to the “Update” and “Insert” operations yet.

The Oracle data access guidance package is available here:

Many improvements remain to be made, but going from the 80/20 to the 100 is going to take significant effort.  We’ve used this on our project and found that the 80 was good enough…


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